Any time we turn the …

“Any time we turn the things of God to our own advantage; any time we minister out of self-interest; any time we seek to establish our own kingdom or use God to promote our goals; we are guilty of setting up shop with the temple profiteers. No matter how spiritual our ministry looks, if our motives are for self-gain, God will judge it.
If we are to know the Presence of God we must be cleansed of selfish ambition. All our motives must be laid open before Him. All self-interest and self-promotion must be cast out.”

-from p.68 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.

In this hedonistic age, where …

“In this hedonistic age, where self-gratification and the absence of absolutes are the order of the day, one bright light appears. There is an inreasing number of people whose lives are marked by a growing hunger after God. They will not be put off with pious words or be content with sound doctrine, warm evangelism and spiritual theatrics. They are athirst for God and will not be satisfied until they have drunk deep at the fountain of His holy presence.”

-from p.65 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.

Too many are satisfied to teach…

“Too many are satisfied to teach “established orthodoxy”, “sound exposition,” or “the latest word from God,” strangely unaware their lives and ministry lack a real Presence of God. The altar is there. The sacrifice is there. But the fire is missing.
God is looking for people who desire Him above all … these people ignore insulting remarks, curious glances, and crusty traditions. They search until they find Him.”

-from p.65 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.

The Lord did not give us methods …

“The Lord did not give us methods. He gave us a Person. He did not give us “ten easy steps to evangelism.” He left us the creative, dynamic Person of the Holy Spirit. Only as we are led and directed by Him can there be effective witness in a hostile, violent world.”

-from p.63 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.

It is extremely dangerous… It is inevitable…

“It is extremely dangerous to display real godliness in a society that is satisfied with the counterfeit.” (p.60)

“It is inevitable that men who have been exposed, who stand guilty before God, and have rejected His love, will reject all who truly follow God.” (p.61)

-from p.60, 61 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.