O Christian, never take hold of sin …

“O Christian, never take hold of sin, except with a gauntlet on thy hand; never go to it with the kid-glove of friendship; never talk delicately of it; but always hate it in every shape. If it comes to thee as a little fox, take heed of it, for it will spoil the grapes. Whether it bounds towards thee as a roaring lion, seeking whom it may devour, or makes advances in an attractive form, with graceful mien, seeking by a pretended affection to entice thee into sin–beware; for its hug is death, and its clasp destruction. Sin of every kind thou art to war with–of lip, of hand, of heart. However gilded with profit; however varnished with the seemliness of morality; however complimented by the great, or however popular with the multitude, thou art to hate sin everywhere, in all its disguises, at every time, and in every place. Not one sin is to be spared, but against the whole is to be proclaimed an utter and entire war of extermination.”

– Charles H. Spurgeon.

Our self-sins and the Cross …

“Given enough time, self-possessiveness, self-indulgence, self-gratification, self-ambition, self-righteousness, all the self-sins, will drive us to the place of abandoning God.
Self-sins lead us to disobedience. And disobedience ultimately leads us to rejection of God and His Word. We will walk away from His love and cut ourselves off from His fellowship.

we must allow Him to cleanse us and root out our deadly self-centeredness. … It is the work of the cross. It is not enough for us to visit Calvary once; the cross must be our constant companion.”

The cross is my constant reminder that in Jesus I am delivered from the tyranny of my self. In Him I am free – free to live. Free to love. Free to praise. Free to please the Father.”

-from p.71-72 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.

do not try to make the Gospel tasteful to carnal minds …

“My dear brethren, do not try to make the Gospel tasteful to carnal minds. Hide not the offense of the cross, lest you make it of no effect. The angles and corners of the Gospel are its strength: to pare them off is to deprive it of power. Toning down is not the increase of strength, but the death of it.”

– Charles Spurgeon

Even today God’s dealing with self doesn’t make good press …

“Even today God’s dealing with self doesn’t make good press. It won’t get front page exposure, produce glory bumps or bring in large love offerings. But here’s the naked truth; We can sing, praise, pray, preach, give and witness all we want; but until the temple of our lives in cleansed from self, we can never know the full measure of God’s presence.

The result of cleansing is to open up the way for deep personal fellowship with God.”

-from p.72 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.