It is only by learning to …

“It is only by learning to deny temptation that we will ever put to death the misdeeds of the body. Learning this is usually a slow and painful process, fraught with much failure. Our old desires and our sinful habits are not easily dislodged. To break them requires persistence, often in the face of little success. But this is the path we must tread, painful though it may be.”

– from p.96,97 of “The Pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges.


I have had just enough …

“I have had just enough of the majesty of God to want more. I know what it means to be a forgiven man and what it means to be sent on a mission. My soul cries for more. My soul needs more.”
– from p.41,42 of “The Holiness of God” by R. C. Sproul.

All Christians are stewards of the Gospel …

“All Christians are stewards of the Gospel, commanded to share the message with all men. God will hold each Christian accountable for how he has handled the Gospel message.”
– from p.82 of book “If The Foundations Are Destroyed” by K. Alan Snyder.