Song “Step Out” by artist Attalus.

Song: Step Out.
Artist: Attalus.
Lyrics in the video description in the video link.


Hustling Ourselves To Death

Something to ponder. Praise God.

Into the Foolishness of God

“Are we really this empty?”

I find myself asking that question a lot lately. Check the trending headlines or your social media and you’ll see it: we are a culture grasping at straws for the next thing to come and soothe us, define us, entertain us or empower us.

If you aren’t “hustling”, you’re not getting anywhere. If you aren’t first, you’re last (I actually saw a mom post those words to Instagram when her son placed first in a ski race my son was in). If you don’t have 300 likes you might as well delete that post (again, true story). Life has us scrambling, and the selfish idols we pile up in the chase have us numbing ourselves with anything we can dig up.

America is seeing there are consequences to the ‘have it your way’ lifestyle and sadly we are still looking to ourselves to be the…

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“Why Looking to Your Heart Can’t Make You Happy” By Timothy W. Massaro.

“Why Looking to Your Heart Can’t Make You Happy”
By Timothy W. Massaro.

“Brevity of Life 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty. (electronic/instrumental LMMS track)

“Brevity of Life 1” by Battle, Adventure, Beauty.
Simple electronic/instrumental LMMS track

C.S. Lewis and Reality

Worth a read for those curious or unsure about the topic.

Mere Inkling


In this increasingly relativistic cauldron we call “the world,” chaos is fueled by the concept that everyone is entitled to determine their own reality.

It all depends on one’s perspective.

“Perception is reality,” is a common sentiment. More clearly said, “an individual’s perception is their personal reality.” In other words, the way that a person thinks things are, isreality as far as they are concerned.

Changing a person’s perception of reality is no easy thing. Nor should it be (in most cases).

People base their thinking on a variety of approaches. Those who are more analytical are terribly frustrated by others who base their views of reality on their emotions, or what they “want” to be true.

Nowhere do I find this more striking then when people who have nary a religious thought in their daily lives gather together for a funeral. At least 66% of what one hears…

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Like Martin Luther

A sobering reminder of our duty as Christians.

Still They Speak

“We must be like Martin Luther when he stood alone against the authority of the Roman Church, which had arrogated to itself such dictatorial power for so many long centuries. We must be like the Puritans, who were prepared to forsake their emoluments rather than to compromise on such principles. We must be humbly aggressive in propagating the true faith, and patiently adamant in the true gospel’s defence, if need be, to the utmost degrees of sacrifice.

…if words mean anything at all in the New Testament, then we must stake everything on the gospel and be content with nothing less than the greatest possible fidelity to the great essentials of the apostolic teaching. We cannot give our full support to anything else. We accept the gospel because we believe it to be the gift of God to us and eternal truth. Because it is the truth, we must take…

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Offering Comfort Like C.S. Lewis

Mere Inkling

comfort bunny

Some people flee from those who are depressed. Others feel compelled to do their best to lift their spirits. Did you react the same way as C.S. Lewis to the suffering of others?

Recently I’ve had the privilege of sharing the anguish of several people who see no solution to their personal challenges. In truth, even though I sincerely believe “with God, all things are possible,” it is likely that these particular dilemmas will trouble these people the remainder of their lives.

Some people are “fixers,” or problem-solvers. They want to step in, quickly resolve the difficulty, and return to their normal routine as soon as possible. When faced with an intransigent challenge, they typically get called away by other matters, or they fade into the background.

There is a sort of spectrum when it comes to offering comfort to people. At one end, we have the people who offer…

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