For He knows what we are made of …

“For He knows what we are made of, how we are formed, He knows our frame, He is mindful, remembers that we are dust. This knowledge of God embraces our constitutional temperament, the feebleness of our understanding, the strength of our fears, the shattered state of our nerves, the violence of temptations, our readiness to sink into melancholy, and everything calling for tender compassions.”
– William S. Plumer

Many persons who …

“Many persons who have been raised in our churches no longer think in terms of reverence, which seems to indicate that they doubt God’s presence is there! Much of the blame must be placed on the growing acceptance of a worldly secularism that seems much more appealing than any real desire for the spiritual life that is pleasing to God.
We secularize God; we secularize the gospel of Christ and we secularize worship! No great and spiritually minded men of God are going to come out of such churches, nor any great spiritual movement of believing prayer and revival.
If God is to be honored and revered and truly worshiped, He may have to sweep us away and start somewhere else! Let us confess that there is a necessity for true worship among us.
If God is who He says He is and if we are the believing people of God we claim to be, we must worship Him! In my own assessment, for men and women to lose the awareness of God in our midst is a loss too terrible ever to be appraised!”
– A. W. Tozer

Who pardons all your iniquities …

“Who pardons all your iniquities: without forgiveness of sins life would be a burden. Pardon is not a state to which the believer raises himself by a long and holy course, – it is an act of God’s free mercy and grace in Christ Jesus. …Pardon and purity are the medicines of the Gospel. Unless we be made like Christ, we shall never be with Christ.”
– William S. Plumer

Jesus is able to pardon and save …

“Jesus is able to pardon and save the very chief of sinners He can deliver the most guilty conscience from all its burdens, and give it perfect peace with God. He can wash away the vilest stains of wickedness, and make a man whiter than snow in the sight of God. He can clothe a poor weak child of Adam in everlasting righteousness, and give him a title to heaven that can never be overthrown. In a word, He can give any one of us peace, hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation with God, if we will only trust in Him. ‘The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin.’ (I John 1:7)”

– J. C. Ryle