Among the innocent victims …

“Among the innocent victims of this effete and degenerate age, there is none so pure and so beautiful as love.
Next to the word God with its various forms, there is no word so fair in all the language. Yet it may be said without qualification that this beautiful word has so suffered in the house of its friends as now to be scarcely recognizable. For the great mass of mankind, love has lost its divine meaning. The novelist, the playwright, the psychoanalyst, the writer of popular love songs, have abused this fair being too long. For filthy lucre, they have dragged her through the sewers of the human mind until she appears to the world as no more than a blowzy and bloated strumpet for whom no one any longer has the least trace of respect, the mention of whose name brings no more than a wink or an embarrassed simper. By losing the divine content from the concept of love, modern man now has remaining only what we might expect–a brazen-faced dowd whom he courts at all hours of the day and night with songs that should make a chimpanzee blush.”

– A. W. Tozer

The Emotionals are winning …

By Tom Graffagnino.

“The Emotionals are winning,
The Subjectivists have gained,
The Utopiates are dreaming,
Mother Naturalists are pained.

Now The Touchies far outnumber
Those who stand with Ages Past.
And The Feelies are progressing
Straight downhill… and really fast!

There’s a Sentimental Breakdown
In the Far Left lane, my friend,
There’s a pile-up on the broad way
In this Realm of Just-Pretend.

Yes, The Tribalists are screaming,
And The Co-Existants chant…
Everybody’s “extra-special”…
(Common sense is extra-scant.)

Everybody’s got their Group-on…
(It’s a Selfie-thing, you see.)
After one more March of Madness…
Rest assured, we’ll all agree.

Everybody gets a “safe place”…
(Except babies in the womb).
We feel blessed by contradictions
In the Land of Whitewashed Tombs*.”

The man whom Christ illuminates with His message …

“The man whom Christ illuminates with His message has eyes, and that resolves the old difficulty of blindness; but he must use his new eyes in a blind world, and that creates another problem. The world in its blindness resents his claim to sight and will go to any lengths to discredit the claim. The truth of Christ brings assurance and so removes the former problem of fear and uncertainty, but that assurance will be interpreted as bigotry by the fear-ridden multitudes. And sooner or later this misunderstanding will get the man of God into trouble. And so with many other of the blessed benefits of the gospel. As long as we remain in this twisted world, these benefits will create their own problems. We cannot escape them.
But no instructed Christian will complain. He will rather accept his problems as opportunities for the exercise of spiritual virtues. He will turn them into useful disciplines for the purification of his life and will rejoice that he is permitted to suffer with his Lord. For however severe may be a Christian’s trials, they cannot last very long, and the blessed fruit they bear will last while the ages endure.”

– A. W. Tozer