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Welcome to my Currently Reading… page. If it interests you in the slightest what book I’m currently reading then check in from time to time and see if it’s a book you’ve read or have been meaning to read but didn’t get to it, etc. Leave a comment if you feel like sharing your thoughts/opinion/knowledge on the book I’m currently reading. Read, friends, read…

Currently Reading:

  • “Wisdom of Our Fathers: Timeless Life Lessons on Health, Wealth, God, Golf, Fear, Fishing, Sex, Serenity, Laughter, and Hope” by Joe Kita.


Book description from the Amazon book link:
“Have you ever looked back on an experience and thought, had I only known, it would all have turned out differently? In this inspiring book of life lessons, journalist Joe Kita asked men in their autumn years what they wish they had known 30 years ago. In the process, he gained a harvest of wisdom from the older generation, including their insights on war and peace, marriage and family, working and playing, setbacks and triumphs, and insights shared by such men as a world-class doctor, a record-holding sprinter, and even a man who traveled to the South Pole with Admiral Byrd. The result of these conversations is this thoughtful compendium of interviews and quotes on everything from courage to sex to fame.”

Editorial Reviews
From the Publisher
“Dream big and dare to fail.” –Norman Vaughan, adventurer, age 89
“As a gerontologist, I do a lot of listening to older people. Their biggest regret is not what they did, but what they failed to do. They regret not standing up for something, not expressing an affection.” –Robert N. Butler, M.D., age 68

About the Author
Joe Kita is a reporter and writer for Men’s Health magazine, the most widely read health magazine in the country. He lives in Schneckville, Pennsylvania.

Link to Amazon page with book info, buying options, reviews,etc.

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