About: Glory to God Alone, V.P. site

Updated About Section (updated in January 2017) . . .

All For God’s Glory.

The following About section was written for the purpose of: Answering the why, what for, to what end, hope of, basically the reasons for the existence of this site and its future.

Shortest explanation/reason: I made my WordPress site (glorytogodalonevp) mainly to share poems, prose, or whatever other kind of writing, by me or by someone else, quotes or other things to share with all that they may benefit mentally and spiritually thereby and that God be thus glorified.

The Longer Explanation – Reasons, Purposes, Hopes:

Truth, Psalm Sunday. I hope and try to use my site as a way, a means, a tool to bring glory to God and benefit people, by proclaiming and professing my beliefs and what I support or oppose as well as what the Bible teaches and what believers present and long ago teach and believe, as long as it’s not contrary to Scripture. I will share weekly what I began years ago called Psalm Sunday, basically every Sunday I post on my site a psalm from the book of Psalms, so that’s at least 52 psalms per year and when I reach the end of Psalms I will begin from the 1st Psalm and it will continue as long as I have/use this blog, hopefully a very long time. On my site look at the categories and click on Psalm Sunday to see what my Psalm Sunday thing is about. I believe we can all benefit by reading at least 1 psalm every week in addition to all the other reading we do.

Quotes, Links, LMMS. A large part of what I shall share/post will be quotes by people, from books or other sources, things I consider worth sharing, things which will benefit minds and heart and souls, truths too valuable to keep unshared or hidden, things I consider important or valuable enough to share publicly/on my site by any who see it/visit it. I will also share things other than quotes by people or from books, such as links to other sites or blogs, news, articles, posts, or whatever else on the Internet. I also share soundcloud links of my LMMS instrumental/electronic tracks, which is basically simple music I made using the program called LMMS also as a way of glorifying God by exercising creativity but also sticking to simplicity with hopes that the music I make may inspire others to make their own, to cultivate their own gifts, creativity, talents, to use what they have to praise God and encourage others or at least themselves to keep creativity alive, feed it, grow it, don’t let it waste away or fade or die. Not everyone would care to make anything close to what I made but I see the tracks have not been made in vain and I plan to keep making them, short or long, very simple or not, for the purpose of inspiring others to make their own music to share with the world or just find some way to express creativity that God gave each of us to use for ours and others’ good and for His glory. [UPDATE]: I’ll be moving all my LMMS links and posts to my other wordpress site Battle, Adventure, Beauty, so soon there won’t be any found on this glorytogodalonevp site but will all be findable on my batteadventurebeauty wordpress site.

Poems, Prose, Other. Through the medium of poetry or prose, simple though it may be, but with no restrictive style, I pray that my shared writings will all be to the glory of God, to the opening of people’s minds who are still in the dark, who have not yet found God or been found by Him, who have not been saved yet, who still hold on to foolish philosophies of the world which won’t save lives or souls, for those who are in need of the truth and not lies of the Devil or the foolish inventions and speculations of humankind, they need the truth of God, the light and salt, the Living Word, the Law that leads to Christ who is the only Savior for any person, the only true Savior of souls and there is no other anywhere. [UPDATE]: I’m slowly but surely moving all of my poems, prose and probably most of the notes/thoughts from this site to my battleadventurebeauty wordpress site.

The Great List of Recommended Books. A thought, an idea, to add a new page/section to my site has come to mind more than once now – in the near future I shall very likely do it (I don’t say I will if I believe that I won’t, so be sure that I will) – to add what I may simply call Suggested Books or Recommended Books, wherein as the obvious title states, I will make basically a list of books which I recommend people to read. The recommended books will almost all be about or have something to do with Christianity and whatever relates to that such as Christ, doctrine, theology, history, poetry, literature, heaven, hell, or anything else related. Other than those obviously Christian or Christianity-related books I will likely include books I have read and would recommend which may not be called or considered Christian or Christianity-related; such books may be included because of something in them worth reading on as a source or some or other information, as a reference to this or that, something that may or may not relate to theology, history, literature, geography, or another subject or topic. Those suggested/recommended books I don’t consider as important as Christian or Christianity-related ones for obvious reason, at least obvious to me, so they can be considered secondary, tertiary or lower in order or worth by any who see them on my list of books. Actually, every book that shall be on my list/page of Recommended/ Suggested books will be a book that I have read from beginning to end at least once. It’s possible that not every book will be what can be called theologically accurate, so do not take my recommending of this or that book as some total support of anything and everything written in it for that is far from the truth; in every book I have read there are some things I may not agree with or support for all those books were written by imperfect people so they could be wrong on any number of things, as can I or you or anyone else be. Consider the recommended/suggested books as simply that – recommended/suggested, not as fully supported or condoned by me. I may add a note or sentence to a recommended book if I feel so inclined or think it shouldn’t be left without some note or remark for it is after all a recommended book and some reason must be stated for recommending it, at least for a few books. So there it is, the idea for now only in my head and not it reality but I hope to make it real before long lest I lose interest or some excuse seeks to delay its becoming an actual thing, for it is fairly easy to do and all that is required of me is to start making the list. I have read many a book in my less-than-thirty-years-of-life and though I can’t remember all the books I read, the ones I remember reading or made some record or note of reading it, those I’ll put in the list, and there are others which I’ve borrowed and read and made some note of reading it lest I forget so that’s good. I have plenty to work with to make that list and there’s really no good reason to not make at least a small list today, it’ll just some ‘do it now’ inspiration to make the simple idea come to life. Wait and see, all, it shouldn’t take long before the idea’s a thing, a reality, for I know I must not put off or procrastinate what I have thought to do or said I’ll do. Wait, friends, it shall be done; the idea shall become a thing,the though-of thing shall be a done thing.


Glory to God Alone!

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