Faith knows God as …

“Faith knows God as sovereign over all the nations. Faith has insight into the reign of God, which is, in first instance, the reign of righteousness. The fundamental issue in all of history is justice– not might, but justice. Faith is supremely confident that God in righteousness condemns the ungodly world, no matter how powerful, and maintains the cause of His church, no matter how powerless. Faith goes to work depending upon God as Judge.”

– David J. Engelsma


You all wish to go to heaven …

“You all wish to go to heaven. I know it. I am fully persuaded of it. I am certain of it. There is not one of you, however false may be your views of what you must believe and what you must do, however unscriptural the ground of your hope, however worldly-minded you may be, however careless when you get outside that church door
– there is not one of you, I say, who does not wish to go to heaven when they die. But I do sadly fear that many of you, without a mighty change, will never get there! You would like the crown – but you do not like the cross! You would like the glory – but not the grace! You would like the happiness – but not the holiness! You would like the peace – but not the truth! You would like the victory–but not the fight! You would like the reward – but not the labor! You would like the harvest – but not the ploughing! You would like the reaping – but not the sowing! And so I fear that many of you will never get to heaven!”

J. C. Ryle

Let us determine by God’s grace to forgive …

“Let us determine by God’s grace to forgive, even as we hope to be forgiven. This is the nearest approach we can make to the mind of Christ Jesus.
This is the character which is most suitable to a poor sinful child of Adam. God’s free forgiveness of sins is our highest privilege in this world. God’s free forgiveness will be our only title to eternal life in the world to come. Then let us be forgiving during the few years that we are here upon earth.”

– J. C. Ryle