“Is God a Creator or Just an Organizer?” by Bill Pratt. (and my note on it)

“Is God a Creator or Just an Organizer?”
by Bill Pratt.


Christianity: God is the Creator (creates out of nothing.)
Mormonism: God is the Organizer (doesn’t create out of nothing.)
Mormons don’t believe in the real God, they have a cheap imitation, a plagiarized failure, their god is not omnipotent, it’s one that’s impotent in comparison to the true living God.
To say that Mormons are Christians is to lie or at least show your obvious ignorance of the truth.
They have a god limited and redefined to fit their likes, a worthless idol, really.
Saying that Mormons are Christians is like saying a plastic spoon is a gun.
The difference in seeing God as organizer instead of Creator is just one of the many differences between Christianity and Mormonism.
There are too many errors in Mormonism, contradictions and contrast, and irreconcilable differences;
to say Christianity and Mormonism is the same is naive, ignorant, and not honest.
It’s not two different sides of the same coin, it’s two different coins.
The heart of Christianity is Jesus Christ; the heart of Mormonism isn’t.