“I can imagine …

“I can imagine some one saying, “What am I to do? I cannot create life. I certainly cannot save myself.” You certainly cannot; and we do not claim that you can. We tell you it is utterly impossible to make a man better without Christ; but that is what men are trying to do. They are trying to patch up this “old Adam” nature. There must be a new creation. Regeneration is a new creation; and if it is a new creation it must be the work of God. In the first chapter of Genesis man does not appear. There is no one there but God. Man is not there to take part. When God created the earth He was alone. When Christ redeemed the world He was alone.”
— from “The Way To God” by D. L. Moody

“Faith is a bel…

“Faith is a belief in testimony. It is not a leap in the dark, as some tell us. That would be no faith at all. God does not ask any man to believe without giving him something to believe. You might as well ask a man to see without eyes; to hear without ears; and to walk without feet–as to bid him believe without giving him something to believe.”
— from “The Way To God” by D. L. Moody

“Well then, you…

“Well then, you will ask, what is Repentance? I will give you a good definition: it is “right about face!” In the Irish language the word “Repentance” means even more than “right about face!” It implies that a man who has been walking in one direction has not only faced about, but is actually walking in an exactly contrary direction. “Turn ye, turn ye; for why will ye die?” A man may have little feeling or much feeling; but if he does not turn away from sin, God will not have mercy on him. Repentance has also been described as “a change of mind.” For instance, there is the parable told by Christ: “A certain man had two sons; and he came to the first, and said, Son, go work to-day in my vineyard. He answered and said, I will not” (Matt. xxi. 28, 29). After he had said “I will not” he thought over it, and changed his mind. Perhaps he may have said to himself, “I did not speak very respectfully to my father. He asked me to go and work, and I told him I would not go. I think I was wrong.” But suppose he had only said this, and still had not gone, he would not have repented. He was not only convinced that he was wrong; but he went off into the fields, hoeing, or mowing or
whatever it was. That is Christ’s definition of repentance. If a man says, “By the grace of God I will forsake my sin, and do His will,” that is Repentance–a turning right about.
Some one has said, man is born with his face turned away from God. When he truly repents he is turned right around towards God; he leaves his old life.”

— from “The Way To God” by D. L. Moody