“Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Beliefs” by Matt Slick. (and my note)

“Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Beliefs” by Matt Slick.

My note: The pseudo-Christian cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses believes and teaches things that obviously contradict the Bible, things that one could believe only if they butcher Scripture and reinterpret texts to appear to support the cult’s teaching.
Just looking at the short list of 30 things JWs believe it’s obvious you can’t call their beliefs as those conforming to orthodox Christianity.
You’d have to be intentionally dishonest to claim that JWs believe basically the same thing Protestant Christians do, because they really don’t.
Don’t let them fool you into believing their main teachings for they contradict the Bible and the fundamental Christian doctrines.


The church should be busy about…

“The church should be busy about its business of housecleaning, of getting the plank out of its own eye, of removing false teachers from within its doors, of properly articulating the doctrines of Christ for which so many Christians have shed their blood, instead of advocating feel-good, politically correct ideologies to please the bleating of goats.”

-quoted from an article by Matt Slick.