Christians have largely shut …

“Christians have largely shut up their spirituality into a small corner of life—Sunday church or their Bible studies—instead of realizing the lordship of Christ is to permeate the whole spectrum of life. They have coasted along complacently, often serving up such dogmas as, “You can’t mix religion and politics”, or “You can’t legislate morality”, or “We just need to pray and witness to people”—when what they really meant was, “We just don’t want to be disturbed”. They were content in their ‘comfort zone.'”
– Francis Schaeffer


The proper rule of things to be believed …

“The proper rule of things to be believed and disbelieved is not the apprehension of their possibility or impossibility, but the word of God. Nor are those things only possible to God which seem so to men, for He can do above all that we can think (Eph. 3:20; Mt.19:26), and it would be impious for a finite mind to circumscribe within narrow limits the infinite power of God.”

– Francis Turretin