“Why You Still Need the Church—Even If You Have Been Hurt by It” By Adriel Sanchez.

“Why You Still Need the Church—Even If You Have Been Hurt by It”
By Adriel Sanchez.



These are days of much activity in…

“These are days of much activity in the field of church and mission work, but we do well to remember that no amount of activity in the King’s service will make up for neglect of the King Himself. I do not believe that the devil is greatly concerned about getting between us and work: his great concern is getting between us and God. Many a Christian worker has buried his spirituality in the grave of his activity.”
Duncan Campbell

If we go astray in our doctrine…

If we go astray in our doctrine, eventually our life will go astray as well. You cannot separate what a man believes from what he is. For this reason doctrine is vitally important. Certain people say ignorantly, ‘I do not believe in doctrine; I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; I am saved, I am a Christian, and nothing else matters.’ To speak in that way is to court disaster, and for this reason, the New Testament itself warns us against this very danger. We are to guard ourselves against being ‘tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine’, for if your doctrine goes astray your life will soon suffer as well. So it behoves us to study the doctrines in order that we may safeguard ourselves against certain erroneous and heretical teachings that are as rife and as common in the world today as they were in the days of the early Church.
– D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

We need to have a Church in which…

We need to have a Church in which all the members do something, in which all do all they can, in which all are always doing all they can; for this is what our Lord deserves to have from a living, loving people bought with His precious blood! If He has saved me, I will serve Him forever and ever. And whatever lies in my power to do for His glory, that shall be my delight to do, and to do at once!

– Charles H. Spurgeon.
–1892, Sermon 2275

“What is the Emergent Church? What Do They Believe?” by Jack Wellman.

“What is the Emergent Church? What Do They Believe?”
by Jack Wellman.

“A seeker-sensitive mentality of making church comfortable is contrary to the teaching of the Bible. The Word is said to be a sword and it cuts to the bone and marrow of the human soul, exposing the sinfulness of mankind and as has been said, it comforts the afflicted but afflicts the comfortable. Anytime repentance, confession of sin, the sacraments, and other essential doctrines are left out of a church’s teachings, the sword has either been dulled or taken out of the hands of the teachers/pastors.”