(SATIRE)”Atheist Produces Random Neurochemicals Mimicking Sense Of Awe And Wonder During Solar Eclipse” by Babylon Bee.

(SATIRE)”Atheist Produces Random Neurochemicals Mimicking Sense Of Awe And Wonder During Solar Eclipse”
by Babylon Bee.



by Marcia Montenegro.
(Christian Answers for the New Age)

“Thanksgiving Came and Went” written by me.

Written by me.

“Thanksgiving Came and Went”

Thanksgiving has come and gone
And what have we on it done?
It came and passed so quickly
And what have we done with it?

To some it’s just another day,
To others it’s really a holiday,
To some it’s a waste of time and money,
To others it’s time and money well spent.

Thanksgiving came and went
But how many of us really spent
The day giving thanks, really giving thanks
And not doing everything else more.

Do we thank too little
And complain too much?
What are we thankful for?
Do we just want more and more?

Do we take too much for granted?
Do we think we deserve the best?
Do we feel empty inside trying to hide
That feeling by pretending we’re okay?

Some just want Thanksgiving to be over,
That it’ll end as quickly as it began?
Do we have so little to be thankful for?
Do we only think of thankfulness on Thanksgiving?

If we have something to eat,
If we have somewhere to sleep,
If we have something to wear,
Let us be grateful, let us be thankful.

We don’t need the best things
To have a reason to be thankful,
Whether we have a little or a lot,
For every thing we should be thankful.

Ungratefulness is not a virtue,
It’s nothing good, it’s a problem to deal with.
A thankless heart is cold and unhappy
But a thankful heart is warm and happy.

Thank God for all the good He has done;
Thank the Lord for all that He has given;
Thank the Lord, all who are far and near,
He has given, He has blessed, He’s to be praised.

Any day can be used for thanking,
Whether it’s thanking God
Or thanking a friend or stranger,
Just don’t forget to be thankful.

Little acts of kindness,
Sincere words of thanks,
Just by that the world will seem
To be better, brighter, friendlier.

Thanksgiving passed and here we are
Back to the routine, back to the usual,
But we don’t have to forget to be thankful;
We can all be more thankful, I believe.

What are you thankful for?
What are you grateful for?
There can’t be nothing,
There’s surely something.

Maybe you think it a little thing to thank anyone,
Maybe you don’t see Providence, that is, God, at work
But believe it, God was and is and will be,
Remember all that happened to you until now.

Don’t let days pass without remembering
To thank people for the good they do for you,
To thank God that you’re alive,
Thank God for all that you have.

Thanksgiving has come and gone
And we will move on to Christmas
But let us not forget to be thankful
Today, tomorrow, or any other day.
. . .
Glory to God Alone.