Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.

Fathers, you matter.
You are needed.
Your wife and children need you.
Your love matters.
Your role matters.
Your responsibilities are many but vital.
Your contributions are important.
Your sacrifices are significant.
Your struggles are not in vain.
Be the father you should be. It’s worth it.
Don’t let the world tell you otherwise.

May God the Father bless you, strengthen you, give you and your families what you need.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

What are you thankful for?

I know it may be a busy day today, full of activity or worry or a change of plans or unexpected problems but remember what today is all about, focus on the part about being thankful, what you’re grateful for, what this day is meant to be all about and not what it has become for many – a chore, hassle, problems, drama, arguments, tension, awkward silence, reluctant meetings, obligatory family or relatives gathering, or some other negative type of perspective or view of this holiday.

Keep in mind all the good things about Thanksgiving. Try to make the best of whatever happens today. Try to make someone smile, make them glad they saw you and talked to you. Try, just don’t do less than that. Be that person who at least tried to celebrate Thanksgiving the way it’s meant to be.

Today is a holiday, a day for being together, a day for saying what you’re thankful for, a day for smiles and stories, a day of rest from days of work, a day that should stand out in some obvious way, an enjoyable day, one to remember, not to regret and wish to forget.

Again, happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it on this day, and those who live where it’s not, you can still make today a day of remembering what to be thankful for and celebrate it in your way. Enjoy.

Do you have no one to talk to or message or communicate with today? Comment here, ask something, say something, about being thankful or about Thanksgiving or about whatever’s on your mind. You’re not alone here, make something of today that you’ll remember, make use of the available ways of communication, fight your reluctance and hesitation, fight your fears, you’re not powerless. Today can be a good day; do you believe it?

God bless you.

Current California fires

Pray to God for rain to come to the places in California which currently have fires destroying thousands of acres.
Pray for a miracle.
Pray for God’s mercy.
It’s the least we can do now.
Also pray especially for the many people who are fighting the fires, risking their own lives.
This isn’t an occasion to mock the power of prayer or rant about sins and sinners and show your ugly side for all to see.
It’s a time for compassion, to think about the needs and the very lives of others, praying for the safety of and mercy on people you don’t know in places where you don’t live.
Show your humanity.
Show your Christianity.

#prayforrain #Woolseyfire #CampFire #CaliforniaFires #ParadiseFire

“‘Irrevocably Redefining Marriage’: Episcopal Church Deletes the Words ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ From Marriage Liturgy” by Will Maule.

“‘Irrevocably Redefining Marriage’: Episcopal Church Deletes the Words ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ From Marriage Liturgy” by Will Maule. (link below)

My Note: You can’t make okay what God says is abominable. Making a mockery of marriage is no small evil and won’t go unpunished by God, be sure of that. All such moves to redefine marriage don’t make it magically right or ok, it just conjures a travesty, a fake, a gross thing that pretends to be like the original. Dusturbing times.