Notes on Books I’ve Read (“Broken Bread: An Ancient Look at the First Last Supper” by Jay Richard McCarl.)

Notes on Books I’ve Read (“Broken Bread: An Ancient Look at the First Last Supper” by Jay Richard McCarl.)

Just by the book’s title you can pretty much tell what it’s going to be all about but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much more there is included than just the the idea given to you by the title; it will exceed your expectation – well, it exceeded mine, at least, and I hope it exceeds your expectations also of what you hope to find out by reading it. This is a great book that’s not too long and I hope you will, as I did, find it to not be dry reading but a great book full of new insights, information, an overall enlightening experience.

As you can guess, the book’s about the First Last Supper, an event which took place on Passover but it would be the last Passover and the first Last Supper. Might sound strange or confusing if you know little about the Passover or the history of the celebration of this great holy day but just by reading this easy-to-read book I’m sure you’ll learn plenty about both the Passover and the Last Supper, and why there’s a difference or the ceasing of one and beginning of the other.
The author does his research for this book, for the subject, the topic of his writing; he knows what he’s talking about in the book, and it’s not just a commentary on the great event, it’s much more. There’s plenty of things you can learn just by attentively reading this book.

I’ve learned a lot of new things just by reading this book; new information, great glimpses and insights into the customs and traditions of the time when the last Supper took place. I learned how the feast was prepared; how people greeted each other; who sat where and why; how people ate meals and with whom; what kind of food was eaten during the Passover; the many to-us-strange-seeming things people did back then; various nuances, dos and don’ts of table etiquette. It basically gave me a bigger picture of the whole event (Passover and the Last Supper); a greater look and insights into the lives of the people of that time. It helped me understand and see things differently than I’ve seen them before, it provided a sort of perceptional adjustment of things which I was ignorant of or just some of the erroneous notions and misguided ideas I’ve held for years about the Passover, life at that time, and some other things.

It was a great book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Passover, the Last Supper, the customs and traditions of that time which people took seriously. If you’re just curious about the things, I recommend it also.
If you’ve read it and if you will read it, maybe you can share here your opinion of it, how it benefited you, what you’ve learned by reading it.

Some Books by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Some Books by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Recently I’ve purchased 4 books (technically 5) which have to do with J. R. R. Tolkien and his works and by now I’ve received all of them (they arrived).
What are they?

On Friday I received:
– “Smith of Wootton Major & Farmer Giles of Ham” by J.R.R. Tolkien.smith04

On Monday I received:
– “Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-Earth” by J. R. R. Tolkien.9780544337992_p0_v2_s192x300
“The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien” by Humphrey Carpenter (Editor), J. R. R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien (With).917mNEAi-TL

On Tuesday I received:
– “The Atlas of Middle-Earth (Revised Edition)” by Karen Wynn Fonstad.51OtLVeyEmL

Why did I get these specific books by Tolkien?
First, simply to have more works by J. R. R. Tolkien to read which I’ve not read yet.
Second, to learn about the author and the Middle-earth he created.
Third, to read a book or two by him which aren’t directly related to Middle-earth (LOTR, Hobbit, etc.).
This is why my choices may appear a little random with only the author being the main connection but the choices weren’t random.
I make my choices to buy books with thinking involved; I never buy any book for no reason, I don’t see a point or logic in buying a book for no reason.
Also, I bought them for the reason that I didn’t have these books before and I haven’t read any of them before so they are new books to me, with content which I have not perused/read before.
Although I bought them all used, they are all in great condition except for one that has a minor rip on the cover but everything else is good. I saved money buying them used/like new/used a few times. You can get good deals if you look for them.
I’m sure they’ll be great additions to the books I already have which were written by Tolkien.

How many of these books do you have? Or how many of those 4 (5) have you read?
Which one(s) did you like most?

“My Revival” by Lauren Daigle (lyric video). [with my comment/note]

Song: My Revival
Artist: Lauren Daigle

Video with Lyrics on screen


My Comment/note on song:

The album this song is from was released in 2015 but only about a week ago I first heard this song, having received my purchased album How Can It Be. Musically and lyrically I think it’s a great song.

Musically, it has a good slow tempo, a nice flowing sound, a catchy/memorable chorus; it progresses throughout in a crescendo, building in vocal pitch and intensity until almost the end of the song and then it all returns to the lower vocals and notes and slower flow of the beginning.

Lyrically, it makes great use of Isaiah 40:31 throughout the song and applies it to the work of Jesus in a believer’s life. The Lord Jesus is the renewer of our strength, He is our only true strength; He is the reviver of our hearts, spirits and lives; in His name we can find rest; in His presence we can find comfort; in His promises we can rest assured. For those who are going through a time of trouble and weariness, they can seek rest in the Lord, come to Him to find strength and comfort even in the darkest times. Where people fail to be of help, of comfort, there the Lord always succeeds for He can do what no people can do.

Small Changes to my site’s appearance and functions.

This is just a sort of update about something I did today. I basically just removed the My Pages widget/menu that used to be on the right side of my site below the Follow This Blog button, and I changed it to an easy to see and access menu which as you will see has links to my various pages: Home/; What I’m Currenltly Reading; The Great List of Recommended Books; and About Glory to God Alone VP site. This menus’ location is located right under the header image, should be easily found/visible.

I also removed the wall of text that used to be my tagline/site description and put all that text into a header image. I think it now has an aesthetic appeal that it previously lacked.

That’s about it for any kind of update about my site’s visual and function changes.

Have a great day, everyone.

Introducing my other blog/site: Battle, Adventure, Beauty.

Hello, everyone. I’d like to tell you all that I created a second blog/site here on WordPress, and it’s called Battle, Adventure, Beauty.

Visit my additional blog/site and read the “Hello, World!” post, it pretty much explains all you need to know about that blog; why I made it, what I’ll post there, and other possible questions you may have. If you’ll have a question about it, ask it in comments here or on that post.

I’d greatly appreciate it if you follow that blog if you’re already following this one. As far as I can tell my Battle, Adventure, Beauty site is already following all the people I’m following with this site but I have no followers on that site yet. I’d like to get up to the same number of followers as I have on this blog/site. Help me out, everyone who’s following this blog/site already. Thank you for reading. Look for many posts there in the near future; even now I’ve posted a number of things and will keep adding when I log in to my WordPress.

Link to Battle, Adventure, Beauty front/home page:

“My Heart, My Life, My All” by William MacDonald. (Notes on Books)

Note on the book”My Heart, My Life, My All” by William MacDonald :

This is a great book that talks about the importance of commitment to God; what it means to surrender to God; what a living sacrifice is; how we can live as a  living sacrifice to the Lord; how we can give God our heart, our life, our all.
It calls us to look at the greatest sacrifice made for people by the Son of God, by God Incarnate, who died on the cross for all sinners and so by God’s grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ sinful people can be saved from sin, from Hell, from the wrath of God and His righteous judgment upon rebellious sinners who refuse to live for God, much less praise Him or obey His will, and even much less look to Christ for salvation.
We can sometimes forget or even take for granted the great price Christ paid to ransom sinners. We can get distracted by the cares of this life and the things the world throws before our eyes to take our focus off Christ and obedience to God’s will.
We need to daily return to the Cross upon which the King of Glory died for the sinful human race and ponder and contemplate the cost of salvation; yes, it’s a gift, it’s free, but it wasn’t cheap, it cost the Son of God His life.
Being saved by Christ means we are His, He bought us back from slavery, from bondage, He ransomed us, He paid the price with His own blood, that means we are His and we should present ourselves as a living sacrifice to Him not just one time but every day because there is still a war of spirit against flesh taking place daily so we must daily recommit our lives and heart to God, we must return to the Cross daily and die there to our pride, selfishness, to our self will, to all that is not of God, to all that keeps us from wholeheartedly serving and obeying God.
I haven’t given away the contents of the whole book; there’s still plenty I haven’t mentioned, so there’s much left unsaid about this book.
If you’re one who’s interested in the topic of commitment to God or you know little to nothing about the practical part of surrender and commitment to God, you should really read this book.
If you’re struggling with commitment to God and like many have been making excuses for not giving your heart, your life, your all to God, I recommend you read this book; it will be insightful, helpful, it will give you needed solutions to your struggles, the common struggles we all face as it has to do with commitment and surrender to God and obedience to His will.

“A Note on Children’s Reading” by me.

“A Note on Children’s Reading” by me.
When it comes to what children read, it shouldn’t be just about getting children/tweens/teens to read, no matter what a book’s about, it’s about getting children to read good books, books that teach about objective morals/values/ethics, purpose in life, courage/bravery/valor, through the medium of fiction or fantasy in written form, to influence the new generation in a positive way, not to just write a story where the characters do what feels right to them at some moment but to do what’s right even when there’s a high cost to self involved, to teach about love that Christ spoke of in John 15:13 as well as love between an and woman, parents and children, real love and not lust or selfishness pretending to be love.
These are the things that should be praised in a story, what the main and secondary characters should be an example of, they should follow objective moral standards and not moral relativism, and even if they are treated wrong when they do right, the lesson must be that doing good, doing the right thing is more important than trying to escape pain when doing good. Such books have a lasting impact on the minds and hearts of a new generation, for they teach and encourage following objective morality, not doing ‘what feels right’ one moment but may change the next.
Expedience leads down a dark road and leaves behind many ruined relationships and is a practice of unstable living.
All children deserve to be taught truth and not lies, virtues and not vices, love and not selfishness, righteousness and not unrighteousness. Fantasy/fiction books without these things fall short of being good for children and are lacking in key aspects of good fantasy/fiction literature, and while they may entertain children for a little while, they serve no greater purpose, or rather, no good lasing purpose in positively shaping the child’s thinking concerning the important things in life.
Therefore, parents who just give their children any book they find that may look like something the child will read aren’t being prudent, they’re not being discerning, they’re not wisely choosing what their kids read, they most often pretty much exclude themselves from the process of book-selecting, that is, they tell their child that they should read whatever they find interesting even if it’s not recommended for their age, this isn’t all parents but enough to be a problem that requires attention.
To be so careless in allowing your own children to read whatever as long as they keep reading is not wise parenting, obviously. More thought must be put into this process.
Christian parents should lovingly and discerningly give their children books which they themselves have read or at least read reviews about and found it to be a book that can have a positive influence upon the child, teach something, encourage virtues, present to the child not just a fun story that doesn’t have really any purpose other than entertainment.
This sort of filtering process isn’t some arbitrary method of restricting the child’s choices to only what the parent approves, though it may seem like it to some. This is simple reasonable Christian parenting, protecting their child from things which clearly teach and propagate things contrary to Christianity, moral objectivity, laudable actions, virtues, qualities worth imitating, lessons worth learning.
This is my opinion on the matter, but it’s not one I’ve made up subjectively, it’s one that corresponds to a reasonable Christian view shared by plenty, and one that reflects what I’ve learned on this important matter over the years. I’m not a parent but one need not be one to hold views which are sound and are held by many parents who have learned how to wisely guide their children in the experience of reading books.
These views may not be held by all those who may read them but I thought I’d share my opinions, my thoughts, which reflect others’ views also which I agree with, specifically a Christian view of reading choices that should allowed by and encouraged for children/tweens/teens to choose.