The dismal reality is …

“The dismal reality is that the church’s native language of sin and grace, right and wrong, truth and falsehood, is in danger of being displaced by the vocabulary of psychology, law and public relations.”
– Richard John Neuhaus

What’s wrong with …

By Tom Graffagnino.
“What’s wrong with the world?” you ask.?…..(Drum roll, please)…..
The problem with the world is the same thing that’s wrong with me……..”SIN”.
* * *
“SIN’S” a word we don’t hear much of
In this Therapeutic Age….
Wiped right off the dry erase board,
And removed from every page.

“Sin”-talk is no longer kosher,
It’s not nice, polite, or cool.
Talk of “Sin” just isn’t helpful
As a New Age general rule.

Talk of “sin” is so distasteful!
It’s so,…you know…yesterday!
Simply put, it’s just offensive
To us fragile jars of clay.

“Sin”‘s a no-no for discussion,
It’s a downer no one needs,
Causing poor in spirit mourning…
(And we all know where THAT leads!)
* * *
Sin’s the darkness deep inside, sir.
It’s the swamp we’re swimming in.
It’s the truth Proudman’s avoiding,
And it’s why the devil grins.

It’s the time bomb that exploded.
It’s the curse…Man’s losing hand.
It’s why Self-help’s so appealing…
Why we scoff at God’s commands.

It’s the ditch we’ve grown so used to..
It’s the sad truth we ignore.
It’s the poison cup we’re drinking.
Fill ‘er up, man!…Gimme more!

It’s the whitewashed tomb we live in.
It’s The Issue we won’t face.
It’s The Word we love to sidestep…
Why we miss Amazing Grace.”

There is nothing so wrong and …

“There is nothing so wrong and nothing so fatal as to be living a life in compartments. Sunday morning comes and I say, ‘Ah, I am a religious man.’ So I take up my religious bag. Then Monday morning comes and I say to myself, ‘I am now a businessman, or something else,’ and I take up another bag. So I am living my life in compartments; and it is difficult to tell on Monday that I am a Christian at all. Of course I showed it on Sunday when I went to a place of worship. This conception is entirely wrong. The Christian life is a whole; the Christian faith has something to say about every realm and department of life.”
– Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The human race, I begin to suspect …

“The human race, I begin to suspect, is actually splitting into two distinct species. The one species is characterized by an incurable thirst for knowledge, and an extraordinary capacity for recognizing and taking in facts and evidences. The other is just as brilliantly marked by a chronic appetite for whatever is palpably false and a chronic distrust for what is most palpably true.”
– H. L. Mencken