It may shock some people …

“It may shock some people to be told that Christ is not an American. Nor was He a Jew merely. He was born of the seed of Abraham of the line of David, and His mother was a Jewess of the tribe of Judah. Still Christ is vastly more than a Jew. His dearest name for himself was “the Son of man.” He came through the Jewish race, but he came to the human race. He is Everyman’s countryman and Everyman’s contemporary. He is building a kingdom of all nations and tribes and tongues and peoples. He has no favorites, “but in every nation he that fearest him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.” Let us remember that the gospel is a divine thing. It receives no virtue from any of man’s religions or philosophies. It came down to us out of heaven, a separate thing, like Peter’s sheet, wholly on its own. It is something given of God. It operates in the individual heart wherever that heart may be found. Any form of human government, however lofty, deals with the citizen only as long as he lives. At the graveside it bids him adieu. It may have made his journey a little easier, and, if so, all lovers of the human race will thank God for that. But in the cool earth, slaves and free men lie down together. Then what matter the talk and the turmoil? Who was right and who was wrong in this or that political squabble doesn’t matter to the dead. Judgment and sin and heaven and hell are all that matter then. So, let’s keep cool, and let’s think like Christians. Christ will be standing upright, tall and immortal, after the tumult and the shouting dies and the captains and the kings lie stretched side by side, the “cause” that made them famous forgotten and their whole significance reduced to a paragraph in a history book.”
– A. W. Tozer

Something we should ponder …

By Tom Graffagnino.

“Something we should ponder as we approach Resurrection Sunday ….

At the end of the Passover meal in the upper room, we are told that Jesus and his disciples sang a hymn (see Mark 14:26 and Matthew 26: 30). We know what hymn they sang that evening….the second half of the traditional Hallel Psalms…more specifically Psalm 118.

This would be the Lord’s last meal, of course. By the end of the day that had just begun, Jesus, the unblemished, sacrificial Lamb of God, would be arrested, mocked, humiliated, reviled, tortured, and executed as a criminal on a Roman cross.

Of course, his disciples didn’t know all that at the time, ….but Jesus did.

And so, they sang….

“This is the day the LORD has made;
“Let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

His disciples knew the words, of course, but only Jesus knew the score.

* * *

When they sang the Hymn that evening,
Only Jesus knew the score…
Yes, those glad and joyful verses,
Hid the pain that was in store.

Jesus saw the torture coming…
Crown of thorns pressed on his head,
Bloody scourging, cruel mocking,
Even as He broke the Bread.

Yes, He saw The Cross and soldiers;
He knew all the painful signs
That the Prophets had once spoken…
Even as He poured the wine.

He knew well there at The Table,
Of the wicked heart of man….
He saw clearly Calv’ry’s bloodshed,
He saw nails go through His hands.

He saw spit and blood and anger…
And He saw his punctured side…;
He knew death by crucifixion,
Was the way He had to die.

Yes, The Stone to be rejected,
Saw the writing on the wall.
He knew soon that He would suffer…
To obey The Father’s Call.
But Christ saw beyond the torture,
Past the insult and the pain…
Past the taunts and past the jeering…,
Wicked hearts of men insane.

So, He sang this Hymn with gladness…
Soon the ransom would be paid!
God’s Unleavened Bread provided…
On this day the LORD had made!

Yes, The Covenant long promised…
Hope of Blessing long foretold…
Would be “cut” in bloody crimson,
Now, at last…., it would unfold!

And so Death would now Passover
Those whose Faith lies in The Lamb.
Ancient Promise made to Abram…
Would destroy the Devil’s Scam.

So the Gate to Life and Glory
Would swing open now for all…
And through Faith all men might enter
God the Father’s Banquet Hall!

Christ knew death could never keep Him…
Though He knew it lay ahead.
Resurrection frees the captives;
Taste this Wine and Broken Bread.

Friend, please come now to His Table…
On this Day the Lord has made!
Sing Hosannah in the highest!
For the debt we owe…He paid!”