Another defilement of spirit …

“Another defilement of spirit that has shipwrecked many Christians is bitterness. Bitterness arises in our hearts when we do not trust in the sovereign rule of God in our lives. …
We can become bitter against God or against other people. …
Bitterness toward people is the result of an unforgiving spirit. Someone has wronged us, apparently or actually, and we refuse to forgive that person. Instead we harbor thoughts of bitterness toward the person. We refuse to forgive because we will not recognize that God has forgiven us of far, far greater wrongs. We are like the servant who, having just been forgiven a debt of several million dollars, had a fellow servant thrown into prison over a debt of a few dollars (Matthew 18:21-35).”

– from p.123,124 of “The Pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges.


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