[Boredom] is why people are …

[Boredom] is why people are so prone to an addictive lifestyle. Many people who fall into sinful addictions are people who were once terminally bored. The reason why addictions are so powerful is that they tap into that place in our hearts that was made for transcendent communion and spiritual romance. These addictive habits either dull and deaden our yearnings for a satisfaction we fear we’ll never find or they provide an alternative counterfeit fulfillment that we think will bring long-term happiness, counterfeits like cocaine, overeating, illicit affairs, busyness, efficiency, image, or obsession with physical beauty. They all find their power in the inescapable yearning of the human heart to be fascinated and pleased and enthralled. Our hearts will invariably lead us either to the fleeting pleasures of addiction or to God.
– Sam Storms


3 thoughts on “[Boredom] is why people are …

    • I’ve also heard sonething like “Idle hands are the devil’s tools.”
      An idle mind coupled with idle hands is just one asking for trouble such as temptation by the enemy.
      While we shouldn’t just be busy for the sake of being busy to prevent moments of inactivity or still during the day ’cause we’ll just wear ourselves out without necessarily getting meaningful things done, we should be on guard against idleness lest we be led to laziness or slothfulness, therein much is lost and we alone will be to blame for going down the sluggard’s path if we grow complacent. We’re pilgrims here and there’s a spiritual battle daily raging; we dare not live like there’s not a care in the world or that we can slack off while the unbelievers grow bolder in rebellion and come closer to Hell with each passing day.
      God help us maintain a pilgrim’s and soldier’s perspective and mindset daily as we serve Him and do the work He gives us.

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