What short-sighted creatures we often are …

“What short-sighted creatures we often are! We think we see the end when we are only viewing the beginning. We get our telescope out sometimes to look to the future, and we breathe on the glass with the hot breath of our anxiety, and then we think we see clouds and darkness before us. If we are in trouble, we see
“Every day new straits attend,
And wonder where the scene will end.”
Nay; we conclude that it must end in our destruction. We imagine “God hath forgotten to be gracious.” We think “He hath in anger shut up the bowels of compassion.” Oh, this short-sightedness! When you and I ought to believe in God; when we ought to look at the heaven which awaiteth us, and the glory for which these light afflictions are preparing us; when we ought to be looking through the cloud to the eternal sun which never knows an eclipse; when we should be resting on the invisible arm of the immortal God, and triumphing in His love, we are mourning and distrusting. God forgive us for this, and enable us henceforth to look not ‘at’ our troubles, but ‘above’ them, even to Him who, with infinite wisdom and love, is guiding us, and has promised to bring us safely through.”

– Charles H. Spurgeon.


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