God calls us …

“God calls us into the joys of eternal life. He calls us into the purity of life and Spirit, so that we may walk with Him. He calls us into a life of service that brings glory to Himself. He calls us into the fellowship of the family of God and into a more abundant Christian life than we have ever known. Let us put away our doubts and trust God on this journey of faith.”

– A. W. Tozer


The hot furnace is Christ’s workhouse …

“The hot furnace is Christ’s workhouse: the most excellent vessels of honour and praise have been formed there: ‘I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction” (Isa. 43:10). Manasses, Paul, the jailer, were all chosen in the fire: God puts them into the furnace, and chooses them there, melts them, and stamps them with the image of Christ.”
– Thomas Manton

Lyrics to song “Hands & Feet” by artist A Plea For Purging. (youtube song audio at end of lyrics)

Lyrics to song “Hands & Feet” by artist A Plea For Purging.
(youtube song audio at end of lyrics)

Speak of regretting and all the risk we take,
Speak to the morning and when our eyes awake,
The patterns are completing, the men they say we are
But as the sun is setting, I’ll answer in the dark.

When the world sings of all its trouble
And I hear all about its pain
I’ll listen in, for its groans are not in vain.

It’s hard to remember how these dreams were made
When all the reasons and all the rules have changed;
There’s healing in His voice and freedom in The Name
But these misunderstandings we give up all the same.