Nobody today seems to …

“Nobody today seems to think God is dangerous. And that is itself a dangerous oversight.”

– Michael Horton


3 thoughts on “Nobody today seems to …

    • We being God’s children don’t need to see Him as dangerous in a negative sense, like He’d harm us because He wants to, no, but He does discipline His children and teaches us necessary lessons plenty of times involving pain or difficulty. Yes, we should love Him and fear Him, not fear as in phobia but the healthiest fear that a sane person can have towards their Creator, reverence and honor, not wanting to disobey our heavenly Father’s commands by our sins.

      Still, He’s the most dangerous one in the universe, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, holy and righteous, without rival or equal, incomparable, greatest, mightiest, holding the universe in the palm of His hand, judging perfectly, He’s dangerous for all who don’t believe in Him, for all who don’t know or love Him, for all who follow false gods and idols and self instead of God Almighty. God was always dangerous and always will be but not in a negative way to His children redeemed by Christ’s Blood.

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