There is within the human heart a tough root of self …

“There is within the human heart a tough root of self whose nature it is to possess. It covets power and recognition with a fierce passion. We are like children, pulling our toys from our playmates shouting, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”
It is this tyranny of self that keeps us from knowing the Presence of God. Self is the usurper of God’s throne. If I allow this enemy to rule my life, I make the temple of God a “Robbers’ den.”
The House of God is clogged with the dirt of our self-interest and ambition. Many of our spiritual leaders are motivated by personal gain. And, many of our people support leadership that is building personal kingdoms and private monuments. In fact, this egotism, self-promotion and self-ambition are often applauded. Sometimes it seems selfish ambition is a prerequisite for successful Christian ministry.”

-from p.68-69 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.

Believers rest their whole weight on Christ …

“Believers rest their whole weight on Christ. This foundation cannot fail. The deluge of wrath, which shall melt the mountains, dissolve the elements, burn up the sea, and sweep away every monument of human greatness, shall not shake this Rock. Lot in Zoar, Noah in the ark, Elijah in the chariot of fire, were not more safe than are all those who have built on Christ. They are parts of a building the most stupendous and glorious ever reared. It shall stand for ever.”
– William S. Plumer