work-centered vs. Christ-centered life

“A work-centered life gets complex, and it leads to burnout. A Christ-centered life — even in the midst of work — stays basically simple, nourished and rested.”

-from p.24 of “Fix Your Eyes On Jesus” by Anne Ortlund.


6 thoughts on “work-centered vs. Christ-centered life

      • I’m reading Ray Ortlund’s book on marriage. Its the first time I’m reading him so its kind of neat to see someone quoting his wife.

      • Cool. Maybe you’ll share some quotes from his book. I haven’t read anything by him yet, and Anne’s book was the first one I read by either of the Ortlunds and I’m glad it was a book about fixing our eyes on Jesus.

      • The first began with the opening sentence that got me hooked; “Marriage is not a human invention; it is a divine revelation.” There was so much good truth packed in every page!

      • Still. Would like to see some quotes from the book in the future 🙂 The biblical truth about marriage is beneficial for all in these times of confusion about real marriage and real love.

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