Jesus Christ did not fit …

“Jesus Christ did not fit!
Neither should we. People whol live as He lived will never fit. They won’t fit into either system, secular or religious.
Yet today we seem to fit so well. We’re boasting of a new sweep of the Spirit, and yet, we fit so neatly the world is unaffected. Except for an occasional curious glance, the world could care less. We blend in so well we could give camouflage lessons to chameleons.”

-from p.39 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.


6 thoughts on “Jesus Christ did not fit …

    • Thinking on it is good but once you’ve thought on it for some time, you must act on it, don’t stop with the thinking, go on to the doing, that is, see and seek practical ways of applying what you have thought on.
      We’re not just called to think on things, useful as that is, we must move beyond that to the point where we take practical and biblical steps in our lives and really do what we have overlooked, neglected, ignored, trivialized, which of course won’t be easy, no really important things in life are easy, but they’re worth doing and they must be done.
      We’re called to obey God’s Word, His commands, out of our love for Him and because those very commands are given by the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent true and living God, they’re not some silly suggestions of the world, they’re the commands of the Almighty One, our Heavenly Father who knows what’s best for all of His children.
      It’s not the wisdom of the world we’re here to acquire and apply, it’s the wisdom of God’s Word, which is more lucid and logical than the world’s wisdom, for it comes from the mind of God and not the imagination of man.
      Thinking is good, but it’s not an end, it’s a means to an end, which is doing. Abiding in Christ we will bear fruit in our lives and we will be seen as those set apart for God, in His family and of His Kingdom. If we have His light in us, we must not hide it, it must shine so the world sees. Yes, we won’t fit, but that’s not a bad thing, for to be more like Christ is more important than any of the opinions the world has of us.
      Obedience to God, no matter how difficult, is more important than the opinions of you held by any people of the world.
      Long reply to your short comment. I hope it helps you and anyone else who happens to read it.
      I’ll share it as a note on my other site and hopefully it helps someone who may have stopped at the thinking stage and hasn’t moved to the doing stage yet. By God’s help, they can and will if they seek to obey God’s commands, to do God’s will.

    • Yep, God tells us to be holy as He is holy, set apart, to be in the world but not of it; to be conformed to the likeness of His Son Jesus; to be different, to not be like the rest for the rest are not being who they should be, whatever their reasons or excuses. What God has commanded, we must obey, out of love for Him and as His children living in the world.

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