When we are called to obey the Lord …

“When we are called to obey the Lord we are brought to a place of decision – a place of ultimate aloneness. No matter how many counselors we seek or how many books on Divine guidance we read the final decision is ours. We must ultimately stand before God and respond to His word with either a “yes” or “no.”

Counsel is good, but always the responsibility rests on me to make the final decision. I must choose to obey or disobey. At that final point, no one, no matter how close or how wise can be responsible for making that decision for me. This may seem obvious, but today many are saying: “I’m doing this because my elder said to do it,” or “this is the way our denomination does it.” On the surface this sounds like real commitment but in reality it is sloppy obedience. We are allowing others to make those decisions that we alone must make, thereby dodging the responsibility that God placed on us.”

-from p.15-16 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.


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