We cannot prize Christ at too high a rate …

“We cannot prize Christ at too high a rate. We may prize other things above their value. That is our sin. We commonly overrate the creature; we think there is more in it than there is; therefore God withers our gourd, because we overprize it. But we cannot raise our esteem of Christ high enough. He is beyond value! There is no ruby or diamond but the jeweler can set a fair price on it. He can say it is worth so much and no more. But Christ’s worth can never be fully known. No seraphim can set a due value on Him. His are unsearchable riches (Eph. 3:8). Christ is more precious than the soul, than the angels, than heaven.
Jesus Christ has greatly prized us. He took our flesh upon Him (Heb. 2:16). He made His soul an offering for us (Isa. 53:10). How precious our salvation was to Christ! Shall not we prize and adore Him who has put such a value upon us?”

– Thomas Watson


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