Idolatry is adultery …

“Idolatry is adultery. Whether our idols are carved out of wood and stone or fashioned out of the secret desires of our own flesh, the end result is the same – we are committing spiritual adultery. The temple prostitutes, in the name of their god, sold themselves to the highest bidder. Like them, we do as we please and dare to believe God does not see, or if He sees, He does not care.
Some of us are building churches, teaching Bible classes, or just active churchgoers, and like the children of Israel, we are presenting God with our weekly sacrifices and offerings. But underneath that pious activity is our own selfish ambitions, and those out-of-sight idols to whom our lives are really committed. There is always something we rely on more than Him – our strength, influence of other people, our money, our family, even the church.
God still cries out to us, “I am the Lord your God. I love you, trust Me, trust Me alone.” But we will not let go.”
. . .
We are not bowing down to wooden carvings, perhaps, but we are bowing down. We are bowing down to ourselves. Self-worshipped ego is our ultimate image. Our feelings determine what we do; our own thoughts determine what we say. Where we go is determined by our own ambitions; who we love is determined by our own emotions.”

-from p.5,6 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.


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