God cannot be locked into buildings …

“God cannot be locked into buildings, strapped onto altars, or kept in our sacred spots.
We too, often substitute God with a place. Sometimes we are more attached to a building than to the purposes of God. These shrines become our idols.
… we have become bound by the very thing we have created. The instrument has turned from scalpel into weapon. The mountains where we met Him have become volcanic explosions of activity. We may be doing more, building more and reaching more, but in all this fervor we have lost the freedom and simplicity of the early
Again the problem is not the mountains. The problem is our hearts. We say to the world, “on my mountain you will meet God.”

God is not interested in our High Places or our mountains of religious activity. God is not interested in the place we experience Him, but how much of Him is in our
experience. The issue is not “build bigger mountains,” but “Seek Me that you may live,” (Amos 5:4).
Religion brings bondage – seeking and knowing it. But real life comes from God – seeking and knowing Him.”

-from p.2-3 of “A Prophet’s Heart” by Charles Brown.


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