“My Revival” by Lauren Daigle (lyric video). [with my comment/note]

Song: My Revival
Artist: Lauren Daigle

Video with Lyrics on screen


My Comment/note on song:

The album this song is from was released in 2015 but only about a week ago I first heard this song, having received my purchased album How Can It Be. Musically and lyrically I think it’s a great song.

Musically, it has a good slow tempo, a nice flowing sound, a catchy/memorable chorus; it progresses throughout in a crescendo, building in vocal pitch and intensity until almost the end of the song and then it all returns to the lower vocals and notes and slower flow of the beginning.

Lyrically, it makes great use of Isaiah 40:31 throughout the song and applies it to the work of Jesus in a believer’s life. The Lord Jesus is the renewer of our strength, He is our only true strength; He is the reviver of our hearts, spirits and lives; in His name we can find rest; in His presence we can find comfort; in His promises we can rest assured. For those who are going through a time of trouble and weariness, they can seek rest in the Lord, come to Him to find strength and comfort even in the darkest times. Where people fail to be of help, of comfort, there the Lord always succeeds for He can do what no people can do.


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