“My Heart, My Life, My All” by William MacDonald. (Notes on Books)

Note on the book”My Heart, My Life, My All” by William MacDonald :

This is a great book that talks about the importance of commitment to God; what it means to surrender to God; what a living sacrifice is; how we can live as a  living sacrifice to the Lord; how we can give God our heart, our life, our all.
It calls us to look at the greatest sacrifice made for people by the Son of God, by God Incarnate, who died on the cross for all sinners and so by God’s grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ sinful people can be saved from sin, from Hell, from the wrath of God and His righteous judgment upon rebellious sinners who refuse to live for God, much less praise Him or obey His will, and even much less look to Christ for salvation.
We can sometimes forget or even take for granted the great price Christ paid to ransom sinners. We can get distracted by the cares of this life and the things the world throws before our eyes to take our focus off Christ and obedience to God’s will.
We need to daily return to the Cross upon which the King of Glory died for the sinful human race and ponder and contemplate the cost of salvation; yes, it’s a gift, it’s free, but it wasn’t cheap, it cost the Son of God His life.
Being saved by Christ means we are His, He bought us back from slavery, from bondage, He ransomed us, He paid the price with His own blood, that means we are His and we should present ourselves as a living sacrifice to Him not just one time but every day because there is still a war of spirit against flesh taking place daily so we must daily recommit our lives and heart to God, we must return to the Cross daily and die there to our pride, selfishness, to our self will, to all that is not of God, to all that keeps us from wholeheartedly serving and obeying God.
I haven’t given away the contents of the whole book; there’s still plenty I haven’t mentioned, so there’s much left unsaid about this book.
If you’re one who’s interested in the topic of commitment to God or you know little to nothing about the practical part of surrender and commitment to God, you should really read this book.
If you’re struggling with commitment to God and like many have been making excuses for not giving your heart, your life, your all to God, I recommend you read this book; it will be insightful, helpful, it will give you needed solutions to your struggles, the common struggles we all face as it has to do with commitment and surrender to God and obedience to His will.


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