“Glimpses of Glory” prose by me.

prose by me.

“Glimpses of Glory”

O Lord of all the earth,
I hear of Your great deeds
Among the people You’ve created,
I praise You for all You do for them.

I see how much mercy You’ve shown me
And my heart is full of thankfulness.
I see glimpses of Your glory
And I am overwhelmed.

My heart beats and I breathe
Because You sustain me, Lord.
You have given me life,
You know when I will die.

I see the work of Your hands,
The beauty and complexity of it all,
The things and creatures You’ve made;
I am in awe of everything that You do.

In times of plenty, Lord, I pray,
Keep my eyes focused on You;
In times of little, in times of trouble,
Help me to seek Your face, heavenly Father.

I want to give You all the glory
For You alone are worthy and deserving;
I’m captivated by Your unfailing love,
I come to give You all I am and all I have.

Can mere words express my gratitude to You?
What can I do best for Your glory, God?
I can’t give You anything You’ve not given me,
All I have is all that You’ve given me, Creator.

Let my thoughts of You be high and noble,
Let my heart be obedient to Your will,
Let me bask in Your holy presence,
Let my life be a living sacrifice to You.

Wonderful Savior, my only Redeemer,
My heart is glad to hear Your name praised
By the lips of young and old, the ill and healthy,
Your praise is sounded throughout the earth!
Glory to God Alone


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