The problem with …

“The problem with much contemporary evangelism is that it produces ignorant and, therefore, weak Christians. In fact, ignorance is encouraged. The more a Christian knows, the more he is a threat to the church authorities. Consequently, the teaching is as shallow as possible and as general as possible. There is also a problem that many leaders in evangelical churches are not theologically trained. Their ability to exegete and expound the Scriptures is limited. The result is baby Christians fed endlessly on watered-down milk (Heb. 5:11-14).
Ignorance is detrimental to the church (Hos. 4:6). Without solid instruction, spiritual growth is stunted. The young people, especially, will often leave, because when the church has exhausted its abilities to entertain – and she cannot compete with the world in this – they will look for meaning elsewhere.”

Martyn McGeown,
from “Ye Are My Witnesses”, p. 124


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