Jesus celebrated his last earthly Passover meal …

By Tom Graffagnino.

Jesus celebrated his last earthly Passover meal (often called “The Last Supper”) with his disciples. As Jesus sat there in the “upper room”, He knew that within the next 24 hours He would sweat blood and be arrested. He knew He would be shunned, disbelieved, betrayed, falsely accused , totally abandoned (by friend and foe alike), despised, mocked, spat upon, scourged, tortured and killed.
AND YET, there at that last Passover ‘table’, He led his disciples in singing these Divinely inspired, prophetic words from the traditional Passover Hallel… penned a thousand years before:

“This is the day the Lord has made….
Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118)

(Please, please…let that sink in for a minute.)

* * *

“Only Jesus Knew the Score”

When they sang the Hymn that evening,
Only Jesus knew the score…
Yes, those glad and joyful verses,
Hid the pain that was in store.

Jesus saw the torture coming…
Crown of thorns pressed on his head,
Bloody scourging, cruel mocking,
Even as He broke the Bread.

Yes, He saw The Cross and soldiers;
He knew all the painful signs
That the Prophets had once spoken…
Even as He poured the wine.

He knew well there at The Table,
Of the wicked heart of man….
He saw clearly Calv’ry’s bloodshed,
He saw nails go through His hands.

He saw spit and blood and anger…
And He saw his punctured side…;
He knew death by crucifixion,
Was the way He had to die.

Yes, The Stone to be rejected,
Saw the writing on the wall.
He knew soon that He would suffer…
To obey The Father’s Call.
But Christ saw beyond the torture,
Past the insult and the pain…
Past the taunts and past the jeering…,
Wicked hearts of men insane.

So, He sang this Hymn with gladness…
Soon the ransom would be paid!
God’s Unleavened Bread provided…
On this day the LORD had made!

Yes, The Covenant long promised…
Hope of Blessing long foretold…
Would be “cut” in bloody crimson,
Now, at last…., it would unfold!

And so Death would now Passover
Those whose Faith lies in The Lamb.
Ancient Promise made to Abram…
Would destroy the Devil’s Scam.

So the Gate to Life and Glory
Would swing open now for all…
And through Faith all men might enter
God the Father’s Banquet Hall!

Christ knew death could never keep Him…
Though He knew it lay ahead.
Resurrection frees the captives;
Taste this Wine and Broken Bread.

Friend, please come now to His Table…
On this Day the Lord has made!
Sing Hosannah in the highest!
For the debt we owe…He paid!


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