See here the wretchedness of man’s nature…

“See here the wretchedness of man’s nature, take notice of it, and let it be particularly applied. Every man, Jew and Gentile, pagan or Christian, is by nature unwilling to come to Christ; and oh what wretchedness is this! Ye are all by nature far from Christ, far from happiness and life; we are all, till converted and regenerated, in the jaws of death, in the gulf of miseries; all spiritually dead, and the sentence of eternal death passed upon us. The Lord has awarded this heavy sentence not only in the law, but in the gospel, John 3:18, 36. …The way to remove this dangerous obstacle in your way to Christ is to be convinced of your unwillingness, and the way to get this conviction is to put yourselves upon serious trial whether ye be willing or no; …If ye be willing to come to Christ, you are already come, for there is nothing stands betwixt Christ and a sinner but this unwillingness; as soon as you are willing you are with him.”
David Clakrson


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