“Consider Him” by Charles Spurgeon.

“Consider Him” by Charles Spurgeon.

“O believer, who art weary and disheartened because of the roughness of the way, look at the Master’s footsteps, and see how He suffered. You are tried and troubled, and you ask for consolation. What better can be afforded you than what is presented to you in the fact that Jesus Christ is one with you in your nature–that He has suffered all that you are now suffering–that your pathway has been aforetime trodden by His sacred foot–that the cup of which you drink is a cup which He has drained to the very bottom–that the river through which you pass is one through which He swam, and every wave and billow which rolls over your head did in old time roll over Him. Come! are you ashamed and unwilling to suffer what your Master suffered? Shall the disciple be above his Master, and the servant above his Lord? Shall he die upon a cross, and will not you bear the cross? Must He be crowned with thorns, and shall you be crowned with laurel? Is He to be pierced in hands and feet, and are His followers to feel no pain? O, cast away the fond delusion. Look to Him who “endured the cross, despising the shame,” and be ready to endure and to suffer even as He did. You have His example to guide you, and His sympathy to cheer you.”


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