I am back (to serve).

Greetings, everyone who sees what I post.

This is a simple message to say that I have returned to using this wordpress account after being gone a little more than a month.

I hope my absence and no new posts has not disappointed any of those who have followed me but rather that it gave an opportunity to look through all the posts I have posted so far, which are very many.

If you had the chance to look through the archives and found something helpful, useful, enlightening, educational, informational, thought-provoking, spiritually helpful or new, and most importantly if it has led you to seek the Lord, praise and thank Him for everything, gave you insights and helps in this area or that in your life, or has helped you find ways to sincerely glorify God through all you do and think and say; if any of my posts have done this for any people who have seen them, then I am glad and happy the Lord has used me in this way to help others and that He has received all the glory for all that I was able to do using this wordpress site.

I pray that I shall be of further service to my Lord now and in the future, always seeking to bring Him more glory and in everything I do praise Him and seek to lead more people to the knowledge of Almighty God, as regular a person as I am with imperfections and flaws, may I receive God’s grace and daily help to continue doing what He has given me to do, and may it benefit all who see my posts and primarily may God always be lifted up and may all glory go to Him alone!

Soli Deo Gloria / Glory to God Alone


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