“Fear Not, It Is I”

Still They Speak

“Let us then make a right judgment of afflictions. Let us not think God intends to destroy when he begins to strike. We are often in the same error the apostles were in when they saw Christ walking upon the waves in the dead of the night, and terrors of a tempest, coming to succour them, they imagined he was a spirit coming to mischief them, Mark 6:47-49. The flesh makes us think God often to be our enemy when he is our friend. But as Christ cried out to them, ‘Fear not, it is I,’ so the apostle doth to believers here. Fear not; though the smart be grievous, the fruit is peaceable, if the flesh suffer, it is for the good of the spirit. The issue will declare, that ‘all things work together for the good of them that love God,’ Rom. 8:28.” –“Volume 5 — Stephen Charnock…

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