Die Daily

Still They Speak

“We must be willing to be disgraced for Christ’s sake, to carry his death about us, to ‘die daily’ in the resolution of our souls. How was he abased before he was glorious! He took on him our bodies at the worst, not in the perfection as it was created, but he took the body of man now fallen. Again, what pains did he take in this body! And how was he disgraced in this body! That sacred face was spit upon; those blessed hands and feet were nailed to the cross; that blessed head, that is reverenced of the angels, it was crowned with thorns. How was his body every way, in all the parts of it, abased and made vile for us! He neglected his refreshings for us: it was ‘meat and drink’ to him to do good. If he became vile for us, if he abased his…

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